Dr. HealGood 4oz Tattoo Butter Balm
Dr. HealGood 4oz Tattoo Butter Balm
Dr. HealGood 4oz Tattoo Butter Balm

Dr. HealGood 4oz Tattoo Butter Balm

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For generations we have been using petroleum-based ointments and products during our tattoo process. Yes, it did the job, but did it really help the tattoo?The short answer is no, petroleum really has no place in the tattoo or tattoo healing process. It causes more harm than good such as:​·

  • Clogging pores
  • Does not allow the skin to breathe
  • It is overused during healing
  • Slimy tattoo
  •  Damage to the artwork
  • Rashes
  • Excessive Scabbing​​​

Dr. HealGood was created to combat this problem. It has gone through studio testing and has been offered for aftercare use to hundreds of satisfied clients. Dr. HealGood is now finally available to the general public because there is a great need for it.

As the process of tattooing progresses, so should your tattoo aftercare.​Now you can use this all-natural butter balm created by tattoo artists, during your tattoo process and for aftercare that will help the tattoo heal faster, heal brighter, and not be smothered by the petroleum or other obsolete products handed down from generations past.​

Dr. HealGood is even great for healed tattoos to hydrate your skin and make them POP! Hydrated skin will make the color brighter and your black and grey seem crisper. Dr. HealGood is created from all-natural ingredients.

All ingredients have beneficial healing qualities. Fresh Scented, Vegan friendly, Tattoo safe products that can save you money by helping your tattoos heal better! So do yourself a favor & listen to the Dr.

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